This Privacy Policy sets out how we, DC Trading (sw) Ltd, obtain, store and use your personal information.

By using our website,, you agree to the use and treatment of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We collect personal information when you provide it to us:

when you fill in a form on our website
when you contact us by phone, email or in writing
when you use post or react to our social media channels
when you order goods or services from us
Where permitted by law we may also receive information about you from third parties such as affiliates, business partners, credit and fraud checking services as well as third parties with whom we have had no prior contact.

We indirectly collect anonymous information about you to get a general idea of how our website is performing, this information is not linked directly to you but third party services outside of our control may use this to profile your activities and provide relevant advertising in other platforms. This may occur at any time while you are browsing our website.

Cookies are small packets of information stored on your device used to keep a record of your history while using a particular website. This could be used to tailor page content to your past behaviour, to keep hold of information that lets us know if youve logged in, or to let us know what items youve added to a shopping cart. The cookies under our control are only visible to you and to our website.

While you are free to disable cookies on your browser, doing so may impact the functionality of this and other websites you visit and as such is not recommended.

We use other services to help us to deliver our website, and they may also store cookies on your device to display personalised content or to gather statistics while you are visiting our website. Well list those in detail and give a brief overview of why and how we use them below.

Information you submit to us on a contact form will be sent by email to our staff, and will remain stored on the website or within backups for a maximum of 60 days just in case the email doesnt get to us. If we intend to retain information for marketing purposes well ask you first and give details on the form.

You can submit comments on our content if you want to. Normal visitors will be able to read anything that you post, and the name under which you have submitted the comment. You may use a pseudonym if you prefer to remain anonymous. We may ask for your email address to verify but we will never make this public.

Third Party Analysis Tools
We use the following third party services to track and monitor visitor flows and behaviour.

Google Analytics
Google analytics provides us with detailed web statistics and real time monitoring to help us measure the performance of our web site. Googles privacy policy is available in full at

We use CrazyEgg to provide us with feedback on how our customers are using our site. CrazyEggs privacy policy is available in full at

Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel is a piece of code placed on our website which helps us to track the performance of social media advertising from Facebook. You can review facebooks privacy policy at

We use functionality from HotJar to understand how visitors use our site. For details on HotJars privacy policy please visit

Social Media Services
We use functionality from Facebook to display personalised content, or to allow you to share content with your friends. We do not have any direct access to information relating to your facebook account. For detail on Facebooks privacy policy please visit

Facebook Signal
Journalists use Signal to surface relevant trends, photos, videos and posts from Facebook and Instagram for use in their storytelling and reporting. For detail on Facebooks privacy policy please visit

UseProof provides generalised feedback of our customers purchases as a symbol of trust to new visitors. You can find out more about their privacy policy at

Live Chat Services
We operate a live chat service allowing real time communication with our staff.

LiveChat Inc
Our live chat facility is powered by LiveChat Inc. Any data provided to the live chat service will be made available to them at least temporarily and they are able to review usage statistics. For details please visit

Email Communication Services
We use the following third party services to send email, so they will indirectly have access to a portion of your activity and some of your personal details. Once an email leaves systems we use directly, it may be routed through any number of others systems.

We use MailChimp to maintain our mailing lists and to send promotional material. Mailchimps privacy policy can be found at

We use the Mandrill service (provided by MailChimp) to send receipts, order confirmations and contact form details, so all information we send by email will remain on their servers for a short time. Mandrills privacy policy can be found at

Ecommerce Facilities and Payment Services
This site can accept payment for goods or services and does so using only third party payment gateways. Payment credentials such as credit card numbers and bank account details are never provided directly to us.

When making a payment we are required to store your personal information for financial purposes but it will not be used for marketing purposes unless you explicitly provide consent.

We use the ClearHaus payment gateway service provided by QuickPay to securely process online payments, your personal information (including card numbers, and contact details) will be sent to them for processing. You may view QuickPays data processing agreement at

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us through mail on the contact us page,livechat or on phone.